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How Can I Prevent Major Joint And Muscle Injuries With Abs After 40

Turning 40 is a crucial event in a man’s life as most consider themselves to be officially middle-aged at this point. Apart from the jokes made by family and friends about the wisdom of aging, some men also tend to reflect on the life events at this age and count their successes and failures. There are a few things at this age someone cannot do, but getting rock – hard abs is not one of them.

If you always desired to get rid of your belly fat and show off those tight abs, now would be the time to get the abs after 40 workout program by Mark Mcilyar. This is a 90-day fitness program that is targeted towards developing your core, building lean abdominal muscles, and get more energy in the best way possible.

Abs After 40 Can Make The Workout Easier

It’s a well-known fact that burning fat becomes increasingly harder as one gets older and there is just no longer the drive to make working out a priority in life. All these years you’ve managed to evade the dreaded gym routine to find yourself at a position that’s not only physically unattractive but also to a certain extent, detrimental to health. The abs after 40 program is aimed to help you get into shape and treat your body the way it should be at this age to get six pack abs that you once considered as a workout myth.

Since this program is targeted at men who are close to approaching the half-century milestone, it contains information tailored to their needs. The program is split into three phases, which are the following:

abs after 40Phase 1
Fat loss jumpstart: As the term implies, this phase of the program is all about restoring the body’s natural ability to burn fat quickly. With the decline of testosterone levels from the mid-20s, our body also starts to lose the capacity to burn fat; so it’s crucial for people over 40 exercise in a way that is appropriate for their age and physical requirements.

Phase 2
Male hormone optimization: This part concentrates on getting the testosterone production back to the levels of your mid-twenties. This will not only act as the fuel for the fat burn but also improve your overall energy and sex drive.

Phase 3
Auto fat burning mode: The final phase is all about seeing your efforts come to fruition. Once you have attained a balanced hormonal level and got the exercise routine on track, you’ll soon see significant improvement in fat loss and finally have the abs that you considered far from reality at one point.

1. The program consists of a workout and nutrition plan that has been specifically designed for men aged 40 and above. It works by boosting testosterone production so that you can lose belly fat naturally.
2. The workouts in the program take care of your joints and doesn’t put you in any risk of experiencing injury, which is perhaps one of the greatest risks in working after the age of 40.
3. This is an all-natural way of increasing testosterone production, and there is no need to undergo therapy regarding testosterone replacement or annoying diet.
4. You don’t have to look for nutrition advice elsewhere because all there is to know about proper dieting and nutrition is provided alongside workout plans.

Is This Program Right For Me?

The abs after 40 fitness plan doesn’t boast of being a miraculous solution to fat loss and building six pack abs. It provides a reliable and safe approach to a healthier lifestyle for people over the age of 40, so that they can fulfil their fitness goals without putting their body under the risk of serious injury. If you think you can dedicate yourself to a regular workout and nutrition regime, then try this program out and see the results for yourself. Sky’s the limit when it comes to fitness, and it’s high time that you start soaring high.

· Safe and efficient way to burn belly fat and develop six pack abs
· Boosts testosterone production, which leads to better sex drive
· Provides both nutrition and workout advice
· Takes care of your joints so as to not cause any fatal injury
· Some people may find it hard to keep up with the exercise sessions

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