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Can Silica Supplementation Help Prevent Brain Deterioration?

In the United States, recently there are two major kinds of medical treatment: conventional or alternative medicine.

If you are dealing with any health issue or are looking to prevent future down falls is a good idea to inform yourself in order to make a smart decision on how to better handle your well being.

We would like to discuss 2 potent natural remedies which are taking the natural health world by storm, silica and nootropics.

Of course there are factors that can alter how to treat yourself including, the severity of your ailment, how much money you can spend and how long you have been untreated. On this article we are going to highlight a few facts of conventional and alternative medicine as well as suggest our recommended choices for life long super health and building a better functioning brain.


The Major Difference Between alternative and Conventional Medicines

Conventional Practice

This method of treatment specifically targets the symptoms, ignoring the main causes of disease.

Conventional doctors tend to be more prescription friendly, and they focus on offering the best medicines to alleviate symptoms and medical procedures, rather than on prevention and treatment for illnesses.

Alternative Practice

Doctors in this field specifically target the underlying causes of disease while focusing on preventive measures.

They focus on treating the main condition, and provide much cheaper methods of treatment. For example now days rather than using process pills to treat skin problems, lose weight or reduce appetite, new alternatives are emerging in the market place made with natural ingredients such as silica supplements for better skin or Cogniflex for cognitive enhancement, to name a few.

Alternative medicine also targets the entire body, not just certain body parts.

Many people are choosing alternative practice over conventional, because it is much more cost effective, it treats the main disease and it prevents diseases from occurring. However, there is one huge factor that prevents conventional medicine from changing direction: pharmaceutical companies.

Large pharmaceutical corporations and scientists who are constantly developing new medicines to treat disease direct conventional medicine. This can be critical for maintaining brain ability and alertness.

Rather than focusing on preventive measures conventional medicine, hands patients a prescription for a “miracle” drug. It is easier to treat them this way, and the doctors do not actually have to take time to research a patient’s condition. They truly believe that prescription drugs are the answer to everything. Moreover, many big medical schools receive a bulk of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Conventional Practice is Accepted by the Masses

In the end, for pharmaceutical companies is all about making profits and reaching success. In fact, the reason why conventional medicine is favored over alternative treatment is because the mass media promotes it. Pharmaceutical corporations implement the use of advertisements, commercials and television programs in order to make you believe that their medicine is best.

While alternative practices usually implement holistic, natural methods of treatment, there is not much money to be made.

Lack of Alternative Research

Because conventional practice is favored and funded by the government, many medical professionals are afraid of alternative practice, and it is not getting proper funding for research. While conventional medicine has an army of marketers and investors to help with the cause, alternative treatment simply does not have the necessary resources.

It is quite obvious to see that conventional practice is flawed because it is essentially driven by profits. However, many people are realizing this trickery and are quickly switching over to alternative treatment.

All in all, it is up to you to make the best decision for your life, and if you feel that conventional practice does not care about your health, then your are probably right.

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