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DoTerra – How To Use Essential Oils To Enhance Your Health?

One of the biggest questions people have at their yearly doctor’s visit is, ‘how can I improve my health?’
Unfortunately most times, this question comes as a result of already poor health and nutrition.

We may be familiar with the phrase “Prevention is worth much more than the cure and its effect are far reaching” and it couldn’t be truer, the actions that we take in our daily lives quickly become habits, and if our habits are poor as a result we can have negative effects on our health.

The Key is to invest our energy towards preventative habits instead of ones that will have negative results in the long haul. Taking preventatives measures requires that we focus less on restoration and repair and more on making healthy choices. The following tips can be useful in achieving a healthier lifestyle:

Use Essential Oils For Cleaning Purposes

essential-oilsEssential oils such as Lemon, Purify and Wild Orange posses cleansing properties, which greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate many harmful elements that can weaken the immune system.

Try adding a concentration of Doterra essential oils around your home; not only will you benefit from a calm environment but your contact surfaces will also be purified. If you prefer to use a diffuser, you can use and see doTERRA reviews to put the oils in several rooms around your house and allow it to naturally emit into the air.

With just a few changes, essential oils can help change your mood, reduce toxins and improve you overall health and wellness. The best thing about using them as cleaning agents is that it is a natural and simple solution that can benefit everyone around you.

Eat The Right Fats

Foods provide nutrients that the body is incapable of making on its on. For example, fatty acids are so crucial to our health but if we don’t get enough, our nervous and vascular systems can steadily decline.

We need a certain level in order to properly function. Its been documented that Omega-3 fatty acids reduces triglycerides ad well as greatly improves both our neurological and vascular health. In today’s society this is actually a problem, since most people have come to base their diets on pre-cooked foods that are chalk full of the wrong fats.

Those who consume large amounts of inadequate fats are at high risk of, serious conditions such as vessel inflammation and heart disease. Getting your daily dose of essential fatty acids is an important part of illness prevention.
To be healthier, we must consume the appropriate daily amount of essential fatty acids or make sure we are taking a supplement to complement for the nutrition we are lacking, products like The Doterra LifeLong Vitality pack offers plenty of good fat like Omega-3.

Reduce Stress With Relaxation

Relaxation is not only a state of mind; it’s a physiological reaction. Someone who is feeling anxiety will most likely also suffer with high blood pressure, a quickened pulse and labored breathing. By simply diffusing certain essential citrus oils, physiological conditions can change drastically and within a short length of time.

Additionally using essential oils in your home will make it easier for you to think and get a restful night’s sleep.
Essential oils have become one of the most recommended solutions by homeopathic practitioners, so if you haven’t given them a try yet, we recommend you to give them a shot and see how they can fit in your life.

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